The bracelet that speaks for you when you can't

Last spring I wrote a post Do you work out with ID? based on an accident that occurred earlier that month. A bicyclist was found unresponsive on the side of the road. CPR was successfully performed, but he remained unresponsive at the hospital. He had no ID on him and fortunately an article in the paper led to someone identifying him before he tragically passed away.

This local story started me on a quest that I had been meaning to do for a while. I will state unequivocally that I am not an athlete. But I walk around town quite a bit - usually pushing at least one child in a stroller. I never take my wallet with me, usually just my cell phone, house keys, water, sippy cup(s) (that's for the kids) and a small diaper bag. That's enough stuff to be pushing around town without adding my wallet or purse. I never carry ID. And in a town with no sidewalks and no level shoulder on most roads that means cars have to move around me or I have to jump in a ditch with a stroller. Obviously I should be carrying some sort of emergency ID.

I had heard of one brand, but when I looked them up online I found it was a tag. Something I'd have to clip or wear on a chain or something. Good idea, but not something I would probably remember to do. I'm the kind of person who wears no jewelry save for my wedding band - I don't even wear a watch. I'm looking for simple and easy. I was also looking for something that could double as a medical alert. I don't have any medical concerns, but as a First Aid instructor I do cover medical jewelry and ways to let emergency responders know important information about you.

So I was really excited when I found Road ID. Road ID is a bracelet with a custom made metal plate on it. You can have almost anything reasonable printed on it. It comes in 2 different materials, a variety of colors and sizes AND they offer additional bands for a reasonable price. You can just move the tag from bracelet to bracelet. They also have an interactive version with a website, 800# and pin for additional information that you might not want printed on the plate. In addition to the bracelet they have an anklet, shoe ID, shoe pouch, reflective shoe laces and a bunch of other safety gear. At first glance you'd think these were all for athletes, but really this is designed for anyone who is out and about and doesn't always carry an ID with them.

So I ordered one and I love it!  The picture is of one of the roads I walk on and you can see my purple Road ID on my wrist, and the very top of my daughter's head in front of the stroller bonnet.

In fact, I was so impressed with the information on their website that I've become an affiliate with Road ID and I'm now offering their products through my website.

What do I like about my Road ID? I had mine engraved with my name, town, home phone number, my husband's name and his cell phone number. I could have added other relatives or medical information. The webbing band of the Road ID Sport is water safe. I can swim in it, get splashed in it and do my normal household routines while wearing it. It is comfortable, seriously, I don't realize I have it on most of the time. It doesn't look clunky or like what you think an ID or Medical ID would look like. Looks nice enough my kids want one of their own.

So while I try to keep business promotion out of my blog, here's a deal I want to share. The first 20 people who order from Road ID before September 22nd can use code ThanksGail827165 and receive $1 off their order. Or if you're local shoot me an email, I have some coupons as well. All the Road ID links in this post go to my site. If you use the link on my website I will receive credit for any purchases you make. They also have reflective shoe laces, bracelets, ankles and clip on flashing lights which are giving me some creative ideas for Halloween.

So if you're looking for a comfortable medical ID or you are normally out and about with any ID on you this is a comfortable and easy way to let others know who you are if you are injured or unable to speak for yourself.

Disclaimer: I purchased my Road ID on my own. I paid the full $19.99 price (what a deal!) and I was not asked to provide any public feedback on my purchase. I'm really happy with it and think it's a great product.


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