Summer work

The past 3 years I've worked at summer camps.  I'd volunteered for 3-4 years before that at Cub Scout Day Camp for a week - it's only 1 week.  But the past 3 years I was paid staff at Camp Seawood. I enjoy working at camp.  I'm outside all day without a cell phone.  It's almost Nirvana - almost because I'm surrounded by kids.  But for the most part they're all awesome. This summer I decided to not work at camp.  I did end up volunteering at Cub Scout day camp the  last week in  June.  This is Micaela's last summer before going to NHIA.  I wanted to have time to do fun things with my kids. But I usually teach fewer classes in the summer because fewer people sign up.  It's hot, people are on vacation, it's normally a slower time of the year.  I still need bring in some income to pay for the summer adventures. I was fortunate to be able to book enough private on-site classes that covered the income I would have made at summer camp.  Hint:  s


Every morning I post a quote on Facebook.  Occasionally I'll post a second, but usually just the one. A while back someone asked me why I do it.  That was all they would see from me for an entire day sometimes.  They told me they're on Facebook to see what we're all up to and the quote didn't tell them much about me. A few others have liked, loved, and/or commented on the quotes.  Apparently they enjoy them. I read a quote every morning and I share it.  They are random, not on any specific topic or theme.  As I read and post them I spend a few minutes thinking about them and how they impact me or what is going on with or around me.  It's like a thoughtful meditation that helps me to mentally set up the day ahead of me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


I've written before about heat emergencies, but with the hazy, hot, and humid weather we're having on the Seacoast this week it seemed a good idea to revisit the topic. A few week ago I was having a conversation with someone and she mentioned that with the warmer weather she'd been having leg cramps.  Not the type we work out with stretching or movement, but ones that were brief.  So I asked her if she was drinking enough water, she could be dehydrated and getting heat cramps.  She replied that she couldn't be dehydrated as she drank diet soda all day. Okay..... So here's the advice I gave her.  Diet sodas are not hydrating.  She needs an electrolyte enriched drink or water. BUT - she said doesn't like the taste of those.  So I had her try some water with a little lemon oil, and she liked that - hopefully problem solved! Flavoring water will have her drink more of it. Our bodies need good fluids to work correctly. Coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages

I moved ... a few months ago!

When I get super busy keeping up with the blogs takes a back seat to family and work stuff.  My last post was on moving out.  I never had time to post again. So  I moved!!!! I'm excited.  I've rearranged the furniture like 4 times and I think it is finally how I want it to look.  I have someone who will be renting the front office beginning in June.

Closing out Nya Studio

Today was my last class at Nya Studio.  As of 1/31 Nya Studio is no more. Nya was formed by Zabel Belly Dance and myself partnering to open a studio together for our part-time businesses.  We shared this studio for 4 years.  Nya stood for Not Your Average Studio.  Because where would you find Belly Dance and CPR Instruction in the same place... but not at the same time? The last Belly Dance class was this past Wednesday.  Zabel will be teaching on a reduced schedule in Rochester. My last class was today.  I am branching out on my own and moving to 861 Lafayette Road #7 in Hampton.  I am hoping a few friends will join me in the space.  I am not expanding to teach full-time. My first class in the new space is a private class on February 2nd.  The regular class schedule will begin on Monday February 5th.  A grand opening party will be planned for later this Spring.

Irritated 1.11.18

I put the date in this post because at some point I'll probably write another post and want to call it Irritated.  With a date there is no confusion. This is a bit of a vent, but I'm tired, irritated, miffed, sad, and overwhelmed.  Words starting going through my head and I always find it best just to write them all down.   So here is my vent. I volunteer with a number of different organizations.  They are things that interest me or benefit my kids, which is why I do it.  At one point I was doing a lot of volunteering, and a lot of volunteer work.  Over the past year or so my life became a lot busier.  My business is growing, my kids have activities I need to transport them to/from, and I started doing a few things just for me.  Like walking and hiking.  And I began to read more.  It's really helped my stress levels. Because I'm busier I asked some fellow volunteers to help out more so I could do a little less.  Not huge things, but to help share the load.  But wh


When Becca was in high school she became a vegetarian for a while.  I honestly didn't know much about it and just cooked a lot of vegetables.  She wanted to eat a lot of pre-made high-soy products that I wasn't a fan of.  One of her college roommates is a vegetarian.  She might be visiting us, so I asked Becca what she ate, ...could she eat cheese?  Have dairy products? Fish?  Turns out there is more than just carnivore, vegetarian, and vegan.  So I looked it up. Vegans  do not consume any animal products at all. There are several types of vegetarians : Lacto Vegetarians  do not eat meat, fish or eggs, but can consume cheese, milk and yogurt Ovo Vegetarians  do not eat meat, fish, or dairy products, but do eat eggs. Lacto-ovo Vegetarians  do not eat meat or fish, but do consume dairy products.  This is the most common type of vegetarian. Pollotarian does not eat red meat or fish, but will eat poultry. Pescatarian  do not eat meat, but will eat fish. Flexitarian  is